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  • 2014 new products introduction
  • Count:649 Time:2017-10-28 15:47:58
  •   Our company developed in 2014 the new product KT-V12 dual Holzer power sensor is mainly used in electric bicycle signal detection. The KT-V12 is designed with built-in disk components and integrated structure of double Holzer detection, compared with the traditional separation type sensor, realize coaxial disk and magnetic induction element motion sensing, high sensitivity, stable signal, beautiful appearance and unique. Its 12 signal output, the power response speed is fast, can automatically identify the pedal forward and reverse.

      KT-V12 dual Holzer power sensor installation and disassembly convenient and quick. Sensors are installed on the left and two types on the right. The left model is KT-V12L, and the right model is KT-V12R. For more information, please see "product display" on the website of the company.

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