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  • 2016 new products introduction
  • Count:753 Time:2017-10-28 15:44:32
  •   The KT-LCD6 display instrument and KT-D12 power sensor developed by our company in 2016 have been put on the market successively, and won the unanimous praise of customers at home and abroad. KT-LCD6 liquid crystal display instrument in the shape change, the instrument covers all of the features of LCD3, added a cadence display function, namely in power cycling, power cycling condition display in every minute of the pedal frequency unit: rpm. The KT-D12 power sensor is 12 signal output. Its characteristic is that the sensor disk adopts split structure design, and the sensor disk can be installed on the central axis of the electric bicycle directly without unloading the crank. For more information, please see "product display" on the website of the company. Welcome inquiries.
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