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  • Characteristics of KT series sine wave controller
  • Count:1691 Time:2017-10-28 15:33:43
  •   KT series controller is Suzhou aizimeng Electronics Co. Ltd. for the electric bicycle provide an efficient, stable, powerful, excellent starting acceleration performance of motor controller is mainly used for electric bicycles and other objects on the speed control of Brushless DC motor. KT series controller adopts high end microcomputer chip with running speed of nanosecond as main control chip, high power MOSFET high frequency design, the efficiency can reach more than 98%. Powerful intelligent microprocessor provides comprehensive, accurate and real-time control functions for electric vehicles. Users can also understand the working status of electric vehicles through the LCD and LED display instruments provided by the company. By setting the parameters of the instrument, the motor and battery of the electric vehicle can be controlled and protected, and the driving system of the electric vehicle can work in the optimum state. The fault information of the electric vehicle control system can be obtained quickly and simply by the error code displayed by the instrument.

      After years of public relations and research, our company developed a space vector sine wave controller. The controller uses the sine wave sine wave vector control technology, it is a highly efficient and stable controller, low noise, suitable for electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and electric scooter products etc.. The controller can output sine wave starting current is very high and the battery current strict restrictions, so it can work in the condition of the battery current is relatively small, and can provide good acceleration and climbing ability.

    Functional characteristics:

    ¡ñUsing the sine wave control mode, the motor torque ripple is minimized to realize the vehicle running without noise, no vibration, comfortable and stable;

    ¡ñIncrease motor torque at low speed, meet the requirements of vehicle starting and climbing large torque, improve climbing performance, zero start;

    ¡ñImprove motor operation efficiency, reduce controller temperature rise, increase vehicle mileage;

    ¡ñIt has the functions of blocking, overcurrent, over temperature, under pressure, speed, lack of equal protection, protection of vehicle electronic control system and driving safety;

    ¡ñThe controller power range is 150-1000W (10-40A).

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