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  • Features of KT series torque controller
  • Count:1709 Time:2017-10-28 15:25:02
  •   KT series controller is Suzhou aizimeng Electronics Co. Ltd. for the electric bicycle provide an efficient, stable, powerful, excellent starting acceleration performance of motor controller is mainly used for electric bicycles and other objects on the speed control of Brushless DC motor. KT series controller adopts high end microcomputer chip with running speed of nanosecond as main control chip, high power MOSFET high frequency design, the efficiency can reach more than 98%. Powerful intelligent microprocessor provides comprehensive, accurate and real-time control functions for electric vehicles. Users can also understand the working status of electric vehicles through the LCD and LED display instruments provided by the company. By setting the parameters of the instrument, the motor and battery of the electric vehicle can be controlled and protected, and the driving system of the electric vehicle can work in the optimum state. The fault information of the electric vehicle control system can be obtained quickly and simply by the error code displayed by the instrument.

      The imitation torque controller is mainly designed for the export type electric power assisted vehicle, and it is a new idea and new method of electric power control. Full consideration of the physiological and psychological characteristics of the rider, is the human moving engineering applied to the electric power of a new model of car control theory. Imitation torque controller can make the vehicle power stable at the start, normal driving power smoothly and naturally, electric power has always been consistent with the rider pedals, starting with timely and smooth, quick response to stop power, boosting effect of torque sensor.
    Functional characteristics:

    ¡ñThe use of torque control mode, to achieve the smooth start of the vehicle power, smooth driving nature;

    ¡ñElectric power fast response speed, always keep consistent with the rider pedal, achieve the effect of torque power;

    ¡ñIt has many protection functions, such as blocking, overcurrent, over temperature, under pressure, speed, lack of equal protection, to protect vehicle electronic control system and driving safety;

    ¡ñWith Holzer or no Holzer motor drive, suitable for all kinds of high and low speed motor;

    ¡ñIt can customize all kinds of controllers for users;

    ¡ñThe controller power range is 150-1000W (10-40A).

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